Hi Malibu, hope you are all safe and well!

It’s my boyfriends 30th Birthday in a month and we have just moved into our first home on 31st April. I was meant to be taking him to London for a week as a surprise, to nail Mexican food at Camden Market and fancy cocktails in beer gardens but because Coronavirus has ruined all of our year/life plans/haircuts, I’ve had to cancel everything.

As we are both key workers we have been spending our days off chilling in our new garden so I’ve decided, for his birthday, I’m now going to build him a rum themed tiki bar out of pallets.

I am emailing you because Ben loves Malibu, he buys all the new flavours you release. I even won a ferocious eBay bidding war last week to get a Malibu coconut cup for him to use at the bar and I was so chuffed with myself!

The reason for my essay is, I wondered if you had any old POS or signage you could possibly send me to decorate the tiki bar? I would be happy to pay for postage and we will continue to love you forever and ever!!

Thank you for reading, and stay safe!

Love Sam Frankland

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