Malibu Splash Nutritional Info

Can you please send me the nutritional information for the new Malibu Splash? Specifically the calories, carbs, and sugar information.
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  • Hi Leah!
    Thanks for reaching out! We will look into this and get back to you shortly!

    All the best,
    Team Malibu
  • Maybe this thread will have better luck getting info, but I doubt it. I've been asking for a month now.
  • To save you the wait, here's the response on the last thread:

    We are sorry for the delay. Here is the nutrition information:

    Alcohol content (gr alcohol): 14,0
    Vol. (ML): 355
    Energy kcal: 210-212
    Energy kJ: 845
    Total Fat (g): 0
    Saturates (g): 0
    Carbohydrates (g): 25,8-25,9
    Sugars (g): 25,8-25,9
    Proteins (g): 0
    Sodium (mg): 0
  • How many CALORIES in a can of Malibu Splash.
    I have the cans, the boxes, and there is no nutritional information on any of them!
    Please let me know!
    This was not listed in the above rundown, although I do know the cans say 5% alcohol.
    But nothing on CALORIES!
    And are they the same for each of the 4 flavors?
    I love these things...
  • Nevermind, got it!

    Sugars (g): 25.8-25.9
    At 4 g sugar per teaspoon of table sugar,
    that means there are about 6.5 tsp sugar in a can...
    25.9 g in a can/4 g in a teaspoon = 6.5 tsp sugar per can

    Energy kcal: 210-212
    (a kcal is a Calorie - capitalized. They are used interchangeably. A calorie - lowercase - is so tiny it would be 210K, so they capitalize it and it is a kcal)
    There are 4 calories per gram of sugar.
    So 25.9 g sugar x 4 = 103.6 of the calorie content is from sugar
    So, less than half of the calorie content is from sugar
    (and alcohol has a large calorie content).

    Would be great if they made these from STEVIA.
    They are very sweet, but do taste very much like an island tropical daquiri (or pina colada in the case of the pineapple).

    I like the taste, but have gained weight since I fell in love with these!
    Now I understand why.
    All calories are not created equal... no fiber to offset the glycemic response!
  • But less sugar that the same volume of Coca Cola.
    There are 39 grams of sugar in a 12 oz Coca-Cola can.

  • Almost 10 tsp sugar in a 12 ounce Coca-Cola... some perspective!
  • Wow 25 grams of carbs that's my whole day's worth of carbs in one can. That's a bummer cuz I really do love the taste
    Tonya Krahenbuhl
  • Yes.... agree with a less sugar version!
  • Yes, I thought these would were like other seltzer’s, but realized Malibu’s are full of carbs and sugar!  Taste delicious but not good for a keto diet.  Sad, but I won’t be buying these anymore.
    Juli ivin
  • Being diabetic I won't be buying these. If they were made with stevia it would be much better.
  • Thank you for making a drink that has sugar and not artificial sweeteners like the other seltzer’s. I am an oddity that can’t have anything with aspartame or any artificial sweeteners. I have to hand it to you they are definitely sweet!
  • I am also someone who cannot have foods with artificial sweeteners -- and I consider stevia extracts (not the uncracked version), monkfruit extracts, etc. and all "chemistry-enhanced" sugar-based sweeteners to be artificial.

    It is quite unfortunate that companies (e.g., Ocean Spray) can market and label products as "all natural" or "no artificial ingredients" simply because they use something derived from a natural ingredient. I can taste (and feel) the difference, and have had to throw away multiple bottles of beverage before learning that "all natural" does *not* mean they don't include sucralose, steviol, etc. -- and you have to really get down into the tail of the ingredients list to find them, because they are present in very small quantities.

    Kudos to Absolut (Malibu) for going with straight sugar; there is a reason people are buying the "real" versions of Coca-Cola and Pepsi made with only cane sugar as a sweetener. I only wish it had been easier to find the Splash ingredients and nutritional information -- not listed on the box, cans, or anywhere on this site that I could find.

    While I would agree that a "less sweet" version of Splash drinks would be nice, I would not want them to substitute anything in an attempt to reduce the caloric content -- I would rather drink fewer of them. The fruit juices are already pretty sweet due to the fructose content, so just slightly reduce the sugar content and they would still be delicious!

    FWIW (for those "counting") the caloric content of alcohol itself (a form of sugar) is half that of sucrose (table sugar) because of the difference in how the body metabolizes it due to the molecular shape.
  • I can’t find these at any store... help.  And I’m allergic to Stevia so please don’t 

  • the calories are not worth drinking.   However I found these to be way too sickening sweet, they could cut down on the sugar tremendously.   I have been drinking it, half the Malibu splash and half club soda they taste so much better that way.  But I am taking the remainder to a friend, just don’t want the extra calories or carbs.  Great flavor profile, just too sweet, it‘s the same thing with the artificial sweeten ones, they are all to sweet for my palette.  I wish someone would come out with on that is all natural sweetness just from the fruit flavor that’s added.

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