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Malibu pear!!

Hi there!,

Do you still make Malibu Pear?? In the cans?? If so where cab i buy it?? Also if not then how can i replicate the flavour of the can at home??.

Thank you!! Been trying to find this stuff for ages!

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  • Hi,

    Please provide us with your location so we can ask our local operations team to contact you.

    Natalie - Team Malibu
  • Edinburgh , Scotland 😀
  • Hi Evie,

    Unfortunately we don't sell Malibu Pear anymore. This line has become obsolete a long time ago. We have not planned to sell it again.

    Natalie - Team Malibu

  • Please could you think about Malibu with pear again, omg it was the best flavor for Malibu in the summer, I had a few times and was so nice, and then all sudden couldn’t find anymore, its the only drink I drink Malibu because so nice.
    please consider this for future reference much appreciated I live in the UK,

    J Alex

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