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Allowed to advertise Malibu in a video?

Dear sir, madam,

At the end of May, Potentially I'll be bartending at a local event of a company. And they wanted to have a bartender with cocktails with main ingredient pineapple. So I thought, what better base spirit to use other then Malibu! the only thing is, i want to get it filmed and make some sort of shortmovie to promote myself as a bartender.
My question will be: Am I allowed to use Malibu as base spirit for every cocktail and am I allowed to promote this in a video and some photos?

Hoping for a lovely opportunity!

Kind regards,

Arton Haxhoviti
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  • Hi Arton,

    It is always great to hear that you like Malibu and good luck with your cocktails using Malibu as base.

    In regard to the video, since Malibu is not participating nor is a part of the production process, we do not stand behind the output or take any responsibility for the end result of this film. However, we always encourage bartenders to use Malibu and create awesome Malibu cocktails!

    Kind regards,
    Sofia N

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